måndag 25 januari 2010

Ny penna: Rotring ArtPen

It's my favourite pen since I got it a month ago. Click to see it larger, please.
I can't figure out why the picture turns out so tiny, and as it's very late and I'm very tired, I'm just not going to start fiddling with it tonight. Even if I know it is something ridiculously easy, I'm just too sleepy to care right now and need to go to bed.

Testing Rotring ArtPen, nib size Sketch F

1. Trying the pen on the subway
2. Trying the pen at home "Whatthef... why is the line so crappy now?!?"

-!- This is a good pen but you have to hold it with the nib downwards before starting to draw so the ink flows down. ()Just a moment is enough) It is not a common fineliner.
(text on the arrow sign says DOWN)

This is one of my favourite pens at the moment. It's a fountain pen with a really long body, very comfortable to handle. I had just forgotten how fountain pens work, is all. Been so used to the fineliners and the markers for years.

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Tessan sa...

Du har en award att hämta hos mig =) En väldigt kreativ blogg!

Wikki Bloggkatten sa...

en liten undran om jag kan få låna dina kattbilder i nörjan av bloggen (duschkisse, kattkräkset och den llilla bilden om katthår) och visa på min kattblogg? Med länk och info till dig så klart!
TassKram Wikki