torsdag 21 januari 2010

More friends

Another quick sketch with the Brushpen Of Darkness. Same café, same table, different friend (hi there D! Man, you look serious here).
There's something odd going on there with the arms and hands, but that's the way it can go when sketching straight from life, one minute, with ink, and no pencil sketch beforehand. You get what you get. (And I managed to make a better sketch of this dude later.) I do like the shoulder part and back though, those turned out really nice. They've got a nice sense of volume there.

Anyway, it's from the SKETCHbook. Which means, it's the place where I'm allowed to make mistakes so I don't make them later. ;)

I've decided to put up mistakes and sketches here as well as finished drawings. Though it is scary to show stuff that's not finished or perfect in my eyes.

4 kommentarer:

JD sa...

Gosh I do look a bit serious! Have to rectify that next time! But so great you put it up here. I am squeaking with happiness at having been 'drawn' :)

Robin sa...

I remember something D said about Janetta drawing us that day. She was talking about how things didn't always come out the way she wanted (and how the new pen wasn't cooperating), and D said that to him, what did come out was magic. I realised that's how I've always seen it when talented people draw stuff. It is a kind of magic, and I'm just happy to be around going "oooh!" when it happens. :)

inktopus sa...

JD: thanks for letting me draw you! :)
I've put up a better one of you in the next post, have a look...

Robin: thanks! It's good to hear that.
Because I've always been drawing, it's easy to forget that it isn't something everybody can do just because it comes naturally to me.

And of course, because I have the "ideal" picture in my mind to compare with, I also see the parts in the paper picture that don't really turn out the way I want.
Thanks for reminding me that it is not the only valid way to look at the picture.

Thanks for reminding me of the magic bit too. I'm happy to be making magic. :)

JD sa...

You are the magic weaver with the brush pen! Even a bad brush pen *grins*