onsdag 20 januari 2010

En dag full av fika

Träffade några vänner för en vinterpromenad på julmarknad i Gamla Stan, och efter det hamnade vi på Café Mineur för att värma oss med varm choklad. Penselpennan vill fortfarande inte ge mig den sortens linjer som jag vill att den ska, men jag brottas vidare med den. Den ritar inte som jag vill att den ska rita, men jag försöker fundera ut om jag gillar det ändå. Det är lite rått. Kanske intressant ändå. Jag får nog testa den ännu lite till och fundera på det här.

Winter in Stockholm can be so insanely beautiful some days that there just isn't anything else to do but be outside and walk, watch the sun glitter on the snow, and after a while find a café to go indoors and have a cup of hot cocoa.

That's what we did, that day.

Still trying to get that pen to work for me, as you can see. I know what I want it to do, but not yet how to get there. It's how it always is with new pens.

The otter? It's how my friends think an otter should be, in an ideal world.
Another reason why I love my friends. They've got weird brains.

3 kommentarer:

JD sa...

Late at night, when the visitors have gone and the doors are all locked, the otter climbs up to the top of his rock and sings with all his heart.

The other animals in the park drift off to sleep, listening to his serenade and maybe, just maybe, if you keep real quiet and don't move a muscle, you can hide in the hedgerow and hear him sing too!

Singing, you see, is what otters do best.

Anna sa...

oh - det där ser ut som två jag känner... =)

inktopus sa...

Anna: det kan det kanske vara... :)