tisdag 23 juni 2009

Serie: Den leende flickan

En serie till.
Den här är nog en av de serier jag gillar bäst hittills.

Another comic.
Just something that was buzzing in the back of my head, a story somebody once told me.
(For clarity: this little story is not making a point against boyfriends, girlfriends,
conventional relationships, unconventional relationships, or anything like that. Whatever works for you is fine. What is not fine, however, is using and abusing the person you claim to love. Ever.)

I hope the smiling girl is in a better relationship now, wherever she is.

The smiling girl:

Panel 1: How am I doing? Well... same as usual...
Panel 2: It's a bit hard... but, yeah... I don't know what to say
Panel 3: We moved into our new place, Micke and me and Sasha... the dog, that is...
Panel 4: It's a nice place

Panel 1: But... Micke has less hours at work now. And I don't get so much from the social services, so...
Panel 2: It is a bit difficult...
Panel 3: Mm...
Panel 4: Micke is not home very much either. He's at Erikas place every Monday, Thursday and weekends

Panel 1: But we agreed to have an open relationship. And since being with her makes him happy... Life is so short, you need all the love you can get, right?
Panel 2: But... I don't know how I feel, honestly... I... ...how does one know that? I guess I don't think it's that great
Panel 3: Once I tried talking to him about it... but he got so upset and distressed about the fact that I was feeling bad...
Panel 4: ...that he said he wanted to kill himself and then he couldn't go to work for several days

Panel 1: That's how much he loves me. Do you understand? He's so fragile
Panel 2: So after that, I don't say anything – I won't lay my troubles on him. We love each other, right? Lovers support each other, right?
Panel 3: It's not that bad, really. I guess I can live with it. They've only been seeing each other for a year, and we have been together for seven years
Panel 4: We've been through so many hard times together. We have something special ... and I've always had a hard life, I'm used to dealing with suffering. I'm much stronger than him in that way

Panel 1: I don't know who I would be without him... ...and he would fall apart without me
Panel 2: But...
Panel 3: ...I would like him to be as happy... ...with me...
Panel 4:

Panel 1:
Panel 2:
Panel 3: We need all the love we can get. Right?
Panel 4: I need to go, Sasha needs to be fed

2 kommentarer:

Åsa Ekström sa...


Jag blir helt provocerad! Vilket betyder serien gick rakt in!
bra jobbat ^_^

Robin sa...

You've really nailed it, putting your arm around your reader, then ever so gently ripping their heart out.